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VIDEO: ‘Great Minds’ Series – Former UK PM Sir John Major speaks on the value of education

VIDEO: ‘Great Minds’ Series – Former UK PM Sir John Major speaks on the value of education


Education helps equip students with the tools necessary to shatter the glass ceiling on what they could achieve, believes Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the UK.

We recently spoke to Sir John as part of the LSBF ‘Great Minds’ series. Watch our interview of Sir John here, conducted by former UK Home Secretary and Education Secretary, David Blunkett.

Great Minds series

Mr Hayward-Cole’s interview is the fourth video in LSBF’s Great Minds Series. The video series started in 2011 with a conversation with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, followed by an interview with former Education Secretary Lord Kenneth Baker. In 2012, entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, was interviewed by LSBF and said that universities worldwide should become hubs to boost entrepreneurship and inspire self-starters to develop their own businesses.

Recently, Nomura Bank MD Guy Hayward-Cole also spoke with LSBF regarding what would constitute the perfect path for students to take to pursue careers in investment banking.

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