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Is it time for a start-up revolution?

In this fresh, fast-changing market, those who can blend traditional skills with newly developed technologies are able to climb the career ladder at a faster pace. We take a look at an LSBF success story – Rafael Laky …



For years, London has been a point of reference for students looking for specialisation in business, finance and other traditional careers. However, due the easy access to European start-up hubs – as well as to its own ‘Silicon Roundabout’ – London is becoming a popular destination for professionals working or aiming to specialise in non-traditional, fast-growing industries such as digital marketing, ecommerce and online media.


Rafael Laky

LSBF alumnus Rafael Laky

Rafael Laky, one of the young entrepreneurs who chose London as his study destination, launched a range of start-ups since he left Brazil. From a financial social media platform to a network to benefit local communities, Rafael’s entrepreneurship spirit has just increased since he started to study ACCA at LSBF.

“The businesses are still quite young, there are always new challenges but, I’m learning from all of them. The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to be confident about, and believe in my ideas and share them with people who share that vision and who could potentially help me drive the project further,” says Rafael.

Support for tech-entrepreneurs

Aiming to provide professionals from traditional industries with in-depth expertise in fast-growing areas, LSBF is a popular choice amongst those looking to specialise in the digital marketing industry.

LSBF’s goal is to help professionals from all levels achieve more in their careers. It aims to not only equip students with the skills to work in a wide range of industries, but also help businesses to keep their executive teams updated with the latest market trends.

To meet the needs of professionals coming from emerging technology and media hubs, LSBF has recently expanded its division of executive programmes. Covering subjects such as Internet Marketing Management and Social Media, the programmes are offered in modules which can be taken individually or as part of a broader qualification.

If you are interested in Rafael’s story, you can read the full interview here.

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