February 24 ,2016 | by LSBF Blog Staff

LSBF Alumni Interview: Raunaq Zaidi

Raunaq Zaidi

Raunaq Zaidi, an Indian student who graduated in 2011 with an MBA (UoW) in Marketing Management, came to London because of its cultural diversity.

Studying in the uniquely multi-cultural environment of LSBF has fully prepared him for his job at the State Bank of India in London.

Here are some excerpts from our chat with Raunaq…

LSBF Team: Why did you choose to study at LSBF?

Raunaq Zaidi: I chose LSBF, not only for the high academic standards and the quality of the lecturers, but also because London is the centre of business and offers diversity and internationalism. The diverse student body at LSBF reflects the make-up of this dynamic city.

LSBF Team: What was the biggest benefit you gained from your time at LSBF?

Raunaq Zaidi: LSBF taught me how to respect others and how to represent my own country and background. Discussing ideas with so many different people allowed me to learn from their experiences, as I continue to do on a daily basis in my new working environment.

LSBF Team: What's your advice for new students?

Raunaq Zaidi: Be brave, be honest to yourself, and have a positive attitude. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because this is how you learn and grow. Take a risk and believe in your own ability rather than relying on someone else for help.

Raunaq started in his role as an Associate at the State Bank of India shortly after submitting his last piece of coursework. The international nature of LSBF exposed him to new ideas and opened his eyes to how marketers can change the world. Discussing ideas with such a diverse selection of people prepared him perfectly for his current working environment.

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