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LSBF Alumni Interview: Rotimi Oke

Rotimi Oke

As part of our ‘LSBF Alumni’ series, we spoke with LSBF graduate Rotimi Oke.

After finishing his GGSB Masters in International Business (MIB) at LSBF in 2011, Rotimi used his business management and networking skills to become Managing Director of Iretidu Limited, a Nigerian investment holding company with operations across a wide range of sectors, covering from IT to Real Estate.

While at LSBF, he made the most of the wide range of career support and maximised his time in a multicultural environment to make numerous contacts and pursue business ideas.

Here’s an excerpt from our chat with Romiti..

LSBF Team: How has the LSBF-GGSB MIB degree helped your career progression?

Rotimi Oke: Before graduation I had the opportunity to undertake an internship at the African Development Bank in Tunisia, and then 4 months prior to graduation I became an Investment Analyst with Africapital Management Limited. After 9 months there, I am now the Managing Director of Iretidu Limited.

LSBF: What was the biggest benefit you gained from your time at LSBF?

RO: I believe networking and establishing relationships plays a significant role in business. In my line of business, referrals continue to play a major role in securing business transactions. The networking skills that I learned at LSBF are vital in my work with fellow entrepreneurs as I seek out investment opportunities.

LSBF: What’s your advice for new students?

RO: Be prepared for as many scenarios in life as possible. Having an open mind is extremely important and the best opportunities tend to exist outside our comfort zones. Everyone should be ready to pack their bags in search of that job.


To achieve success, Rotimi studied the GGSB MIB at LSBF. To start your own story, apply now: /programmes/postgraduate/mba-and-management/ggsb-mib-(master-in-international-business)

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