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‘Global Matters’ Celebrates its 10,000th Visitor!

‘Global Matters’ Celebrates its 10,000th Visitor!

Last week, the LSBF Blog welcomed its 10,000th visitor! Besides thanking you for your support, we look at some of the most popular articles we shared with you over the past few months …


We are extremely happy to announce that, last week, the LSBF blog ‘Global Matters’ clocked its 10,000th unique visitor!

In a little over three months, we have gone from the first post on this blog to providing a corner on the internet that caters to front-line business news.

 As a recap of what we offered you, here are three of the most shared articles we had posted for our reader-base to access:


1. Is The London Underground Strike Set To Cost UK £200 million?

Underground -shut -by -cgp -grey

As the tube strikes hit London last week, the city commuters were stuck in a state of chaos for a couple of days. At this juncture, we looked into what the economic impact of the crippling of public transport might be to the economy.


2. Where Is The Troubled UK Housing Market Headed?


As property values in Britain continue to climb higher and higher, fears of a property bubble bursting grow more realistic. To understand the UK housing market better, we explored what 2014 might hold for UK realty.


3. What do Islamic Finance & ‘Sukuk’ bonds mean for the UK?


Houses -by -ben -salter



After the World Islamic Economic Forum took place in London, LSBF Associate Lecturer Sahar Ata explained what exactly Islamic Finance is and what Sukuk bonds’ prospects in the UK are.


We would like to thank you all for your support during this period in helping keep the blog alive and kicking. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering current and cutting-edge content more than ever before.

And no matter how big Global Matters grows, you, our cherished readers, will always be our priority.


Thank you!


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