Get the most out of your CIMA and ACCA Revision with LSBF

Get the most out of your CIMA and ACCA Revision with LSBF

It’s that time of year again – the ACCA and CIMA exams are just around the corner.  Don’t worry. LSBF is here to help… 


CIMA exams start on the 19th November

ACCA exams start on the 2nd December

Students will be understandably nervous during this stressful time.  The last set of ACCA exams, in June 2013, saw a pass rate of 37%; the lowest for F4 since 2007. The F7 paper had similarly low success rates this year, with a pass rate of 45% compared to 53% in December 2012. Some CIMA papers also became more difficult in the last sitting, with clear scope for improvement in P2 (47% pass rate) and E3 (46% pass rate).

At London School of Business and Finance we are always here to help, which is why we have developed a revision course to help our students prepare, boost their knowledge and gain the confidence they need to pass their exams first time.

Our faculty – boasting over 150 years of combined teaching experience – have designed this course to focus on the skills and techniques required to pass the exams. In other words, a greater focus on practice; not just the theory.

“Knowing the CIMA syllabus is not enough,” says Rob Wood, LSBF’s Director of CIMA Studies. “It’s how this knowledge is utilised which makes the real difference.”  Rob Wood has been teaching CIMA for the last 20 years. His unique exam approach and study methodology has led many students to CIMA exam success. In regards to ACCA exams, Paul Merison, LSBF’s director of ACCA studies and PQ’s 2013 Accountancy Lecturer of the Year, says: “It’s about converting knowledge into marks”.

Both of our directors are in agreement, the key focal points for students working towards their CIMA or ACCA qualifications are:

  • Understand exam requirements – Revise each topic and learn what the examiner is looking for
  • Manage time effectively – Achieve more in the limited time available
  • Learn how to write narrative answers – Many students focus primarily on the computations, but in most exams the written component accounts for at least 50% of the marks.
  • Computational skills – Apply techniques and methods to exam-standard questions

This is precisely what our directors kept in mind and conceptualised when designing LSBF’s revision courses.


CIMA revision

Students can now prepare for CIMA exams without compromising on flexibility.  Offered on evenings and weekends, our revision courses cover the entire CIMA syllabus and focus on the key examinable areas. Students will go through past exam questions and mock exams in preparation for the real thing.

Study materials are also important when preparing for exams.  In addition to revision packs, study manuals, class notes and progress tests, LSBF also offers 24/7 access to HD recorded lectures. Our students can play, pause and rewind lectures, all at the click of a mouse.

For more information about our CIMA revision courses, please visit our CIMA revision site.


ACCA revision

LSBF’s revision courses are offered on weekdays, weekends and 100% LIVE online via our award-winning platform – InterActive. We are blessed with one of most experienced faculties in London – with personalities such as Francis Braganza (recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 PQ Awards) and Paul Merison (PQ’s 2013 Accountancy Lecturer of the Year). Our expert tutors teach students how to interpret past exam questions, manage their time in an exam situation, and conduct detailed analyses of past papers.

We now offer exam-specific intensive revision booster sessions to give ACCA students the support they need in the run up to their exams.

For more information about our ACCA revision courses, please visit our ACCA revision site.

Part-time Courses

Our revision courses are only one component of our flexible part-time courses which are available during the evenings, weekends and 100% online.  For more information about CIMA part-time  courses, please click here.  For information about ACCA part-time courses, please click here.



ACCA pass rates taken from:
The claim ’over 150 years of combined teaching experience’ is based on a faculty of 18 tutors. Correct as of 18 October 2013

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