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Welcoming virtual reality to online learning

Welcoming virtual reality to online learning

Free VR Headset for October 2019 postgraduate students

The future of education is upon us. Virtual reality has been in the public consciousness for many years now, and as it has become more accessible, more and more industries have asked the question of how it can help benefit them and their client bases. In the e-learning industry, here at London School of Business and Finance we are proud to be pioneering ways in which we can use virtual reality to help enhance our students’ online learning experiences. 

From October 2019, newly enrolled London School of Business Online postgraduate students will have the opportunity to augment their studies with a virtual reality induction session. Students who enrol for the October 2019 intake will receive a free VR headset installed with an induction programme, aimed at helping our students refine their skills at giving presentations or speeches through a fully immersive VR experience.

So how can VR help an online learning student? Public speaking and presentation skills are as important today as they have ever been, across a variety of professions. Knowing how to present your ideas clearly, effectively, and persuasively is the cornerstone of launching successful campaigns and projects. However, for most, learning these skills doesn’t come easy, and the idea of high-pressured public speaking scenarios remains a nerve-racking experience. 

For beginners, this VR software is perfect for helping you desensitise to the pressure and anxiety of being on stage in these real-world scenarios, and learning to moderate your speaking voice, and react with composure to the audience presence and feedback.

For more advanced public speakers, the software allows you to upload your speeches or notes to quickly learn and practice them in an immersive environment, without distractions. You’ll be able to hone your audience engagement skills, by gauging their reactions and maximising your impact and delivery. 

The VR programme measures you on parameters such as speaking speed, intonation, volume, and audience engagement - the key pillars of excellent speeches and presentations.

This is only the beginning for VR in e-learning, and we’re excited to be giving our students the opportunity to be part of this technological revolution, and develop key presentation and public speaking skills that can help you enhance your career prospects. This is just a small, yet very significant step towards bringing the full potential of VR and Augmented Reality into the distance-learning classroom. 

If you’d like to find out more about joining one of our postgraduate courses for the October 2019 intake, and receive your free VR headset, you can visit our page here:

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