October 31 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

London’s first business club for female entrepreneurs launched

Business club for female entrepreneurs

A business club aimed at female entrepreneurs has been launched in Shoreditch, London, for the first time.

The club, which was launched by female-focused networking club Blooming Founders to provide an inspirational co-working space for women, is open to female founders, freelancers, investors and advisors.


It’s open seven days a week and offers a number of services, including credit-based memberships for local start-ups, a podcast room, and sessions with mentors and experts.

Members pay an upfront fee and there is an opportunity to upgrade to a higher membership or downgrade to a lower membership. Membership includes weekend access to the club.

Female entrepreneurs with children can have access to the crèche, called the entreprenursery, during the week.

In addition to the business club, Blooming Founders is also helping female founders to connect with investors through a new digital platform. The platform offers a professional environment that enables entrepreneurs to showcase their business, follow and connect with other members through private messages, and access news and opportunities.


Commenting on the launch of the club, Blooming Founders & Blooms Founder Lu Li said: “Blooms is a new milestone that is part of the Blooming Founders mission to build a support infrastructure for female entrepreneurship.

“We wanted to create an environment that was female founder friendly, but open to everybody.

“Blooms’ vision as London’s first female-focused business club is to create an inspirational environment for founders to work from and do business in.”

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