June 30 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

£70 million regeneration plan for London launched

Regeneration plan for London

A £70 million regeneration plan to support growth and community development in London has been launched by the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan.

The Good Growth Fund, which is part of “A City For All Londoners”, a document that outlines Khan’s growth plans for the city, will help to improve London’s community and support innovative projects that create new jobs.


The fund, which is being delivered in conjunction with the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), is open to public, private and third-sector organisations that are helping to drive regeneration in the city, such as charities and community groups.

The money will be spent on innovative projects that are looking to improve London, with particular focus being placed on projects that help to support economic activity and create new jobs and places of work, as well as projects that enable people in the city to participate in their local community.

The fund will also focus on improving the health and wellbeing of people in London, with money being invested into projects that help to improve the city’s community, open spaces and high streets.

Amongst the other projects that Khan has supported is the refurbishment of the Lakeside Centre, which is set to offer creative workspaces.


Commenting on the fund, Khan said: “I am delighted to be launching this fund and making a real push to challenge the preconceptions of how regeneration happens in the capital.”

He said that he is calling on the city’s boroughs, community leaders, business organisations and vast amount of creative talent to bring forward their ideas.

He added that using the city’s ingenuity, people’s enthusiasm and the wealth of expertise, he has no doubt that together, many engaging, innovative and exemplary projects can be delivered.

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