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ICAEW to help small businesses have better access to accountants

ICAEW to help small businesses

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is collaborating with business support firm Enterprise Nation to create a new business advisor platform aimed at small businesses in the UK.

The platform will provide small companies and entrepreneurs with better access to accountants and business advisors, enabling them to receive the valuable support and advice that they need to boost their chances of being successful.


The new service, which will be available to the UK’s five million small businesses, will give ICAEW members the opportunity to become registered on the platform and connect with entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK to offer their expertise and guidance.

The platform will recognise the areas that businesses require assistance with and will then match them up with a suitable advisor to provide them with access to support.


Commenting on the benefits of the new platform, Sharron Gunn, Executive Director of the ICAEW, said that the ICAEW strongly promotes the value that its members can offer businesses and that the collaboration with Enterprise Nation presents another opportunity for ICAEW members to showcase their skills.

According to Gunn, around 500,000 new businesses are set up in the UK every year, but 60% of these businesses stop trading by the end of their fifth year. Commenting on how the business advisor platform can help to tackle this issue, she stated that it provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to receive advice that could be the difference between success or failure.

“By offering the right advice, ICAEW members will be able to support smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK reach their full potential,” she said.


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