December 21 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Metro Bank launches new in-app payment function

Metro Bank in-app payment

London-based challenger bank Metro Bank has launched a new payment function on its mobile banking app.

The function has been designed to provide the bank’s customers with more choices when managing their payments through the bank’s app, at the store, online or via phone.


Using the new feature, customers will have the option of setting up a new payee through the app using the payee’s details, card number digits, and a passcode.

The feature is one of many offered by the app, with customers also being able to check their balances any time they wish, check their recent and pending transactions, and monitor and manage their spending using the app’s monthly summary tool.

Customers can also instantly open savings accounts and create new standing orders using the app. They can also temporarily freeze their accounts to avoid misplaced cards being cancelled. The app also enables smartphone users to easily log out of their account by shaking their phone.


Commenting on the launch of the feature, Metro Bank Chief Executive Officer Craig Donaldson said: “We know how important banking-on-the-go is, and we’re finding that more people than ever are choosing to use their banking app as one of the main ways to make payments.”

He added: “The ability to set up a new payee in a couple of taps, is a feature we think will make our customers’ lives even easier and means they’ll be able to make a payment almost immediately.”

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