January 28 ,2016 | by Helen Gould

Three-fifths of SMEs in danger of security breach, shows study

Three-fifths of SMEs in danger of security breach

More than half of SMEs are in danger of a security breach, according to new research.

A study by Digital ID found that businesses do not have enough security measures in place, with 23 per cent having very little visitor security and 36 per cent having no visitor security at all.

Cyber security

The study showed that the majority of businesses only have locks or security lights installed. Just 41 per cent of businesses have opted for more effective security measures, such as gates providing restricted access and ID cards.

One in five SMEs were the victim of a security breach last year, but businesses are still failing to recognise the effects that security breaches can have on their business.

Digital ID Digital Marketing Manager Adam Bennett stated that small businesses should “at the very least” have cyber security in place.

He added that it is not only equipment that is stolen, but also important data such as payment information and intellectual property. This can cost the business money and also have an impact on its reputation.

Health and safety

Digital ID has now advised businesses on “diligent cybersecurity” to provide protection against viruses, hackers, bots, and rogue employees by restricting access to important data such as client information and payment details.

The company also advised SMEs to focus on specified areas of business premises and restrict access to these areas using methods such as ID cards, swiping systems, gates, and barriers.

Staff ID and visitor ID cards are also a useful security measure, as they enable businesses to keep track of how many people have entered the building, which is useful not only for security reasons but also for health and safety.

Helen Gould

Helen is a News Writer for LSBF who writes about education, careers, sustainable business, and women in business.

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