October 02 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Lloyds boosts digital services with new flagship store

Lloyds boosts digital services

Lloyds has opened its first flagship store in Manchester as part of an investment into a group of flagship sites.

The £3 million store will combine face-to-face services with the latest technology as digital services become more important to the bank’s customers.


The store offers a number of services to the bank’s customers, including longer opening hours during the week and specially trained staff. It is also open at weekends.

One of the main features of the new flagship store is a digital zone, which provides customers that are new to online and mobile banking with tips and demos. Services such as phone charging and Wi-Fi are also offered.

The store also has a safe deposit facility, which features the latest technology. Customers will be able to safely store their valuables in a safe location, with biometric fingerprint technology being used for security purposes.

Lloyds is also helping businesses get access to funding and training through the store’s business hub, as well as providing space for events and seminars.

The bank is looking to open a total of 20 flagship stores and is working towards shutting down 4,000 of its branches across the UK over the next three years.


Lloyds Bank Managing Director Robin Bulloch commented: “While digital services are becoming increasingly important to customers, we continue to recognise the significant value of human interaction – people want to deal with people when it matters. That is why branches are not a thing of the past - they just need to be re-imagind''.

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