May 29 ,2017 | by Thiago Kiwi

Google launches free app to help boost skills in UK

Google launches free app to boost skills

Google has launched a free mobile app to provide people of all ages across the UK with free digital training.

The launch of the Digital Garage app is part of the tech company’s wider commitment to help people across the country to boost their skills.


The app has been designed to help people to learn digital skills at their own pace, and it is now available for people to download from Google Play and Apple’s App store or as hands-free audio.

Google has included a number of topics in the app to enable people to boost their skills across a wide range of areas. Amongst the topics that people can learn about are how to use keywords, understanding website rankings, how to develop a web presence and online advertising.

Users can create a personalised learning plan to enable them to meet their learning targets, and Google is also giving people the opportunity to take an exam and earn a certificate in digital marketing fundamentals.


Commenting on the app, Google Skills and Education Policy Manager, Alina Dimofte, said: “The Digital Garage app is designed for those who want to pick up digital skills but lead busy lives. The hands-free, bite-sized lessons are ideal for users who are constantly on the move.”

She added that Google wants to make sure that everybody can access the best digital training available, whether it is professionals on their daily commute or busy parents preparing dinner for their family.

Thiago Kiwi

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