October 13 ,2016 | by Thiago Kiwi

Dropbox launches new features for entrepreneurs on the go

Dropbox launches new features for entrepreneurs

Dropbox has launched five new mobile features that will enable entrepreneurs to work outside the office.

The new features will be available in their updated app for Apple iOS 10.


It will be easier for business owners to complete a range of important tasks, including directly signing PDFs within the app and collaborating with employees by sharing Dropbox files through the integrated iMessage.

Other features include a new Dropbox shortcut which can be accessed without unlocking the phone and the ability to watch videos from Dropbox while working in another app.

A split-screen feature is also set to be launched to help users work within Dropbox whilst running other apps at the same time.


Dropbox product manager Matteus Pan said: “Working from your phone or tablet can make a big difference in your productivity, but sometimes it’s still hard to match the efficiency of working at your desk. We want to change that.”

He added that the new Dropbox mobile productivity features will make working on an iPhone or iPad faster and easier.

Thiago Kiwi

Thiago is the LSBF Blog Editor who manages news and features content on the site, and writes about business, finance, technology, education and careers.

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