November 25 ,2015 | by Helen Gould

Deloitte uses gaming app to attract broader range of talent

Gaming app to attract talent

Gaming technology has now been introduced to Deloitte'srecruitment process in an attempt to identify people with certain skills.

Innovation, creativity, and problem solving are the key qualities that the firm looks for in candidates applying for its BrightStart Business Apprenticeship programme. Now an app will play a large role in selecting who is accepted onto the scheme.

Untraditional selection

The Firefly Freedom app is aimed at finding recruits with high potential who otherwise might get lost in the traditional selection process.

This move follows on from previous announcements by the firm that it would adopt school and university-blind interviews and contextualise academic data at all stages of the recruitment process.

The overall aim is to diversify talent and reflect changes in wider society.

Social mobility

Managing Partner for Talent at Deloitte, Emma Codd, said: “Improving the UK’s record on social mobility is a strategic priority, for the country as a whole but also for our business. We need people to join Deloitte from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a range of perspectives and experience into the firm."

"There is compelling evidence that alternative methods during the recruitment process support this objective, helping to identify exceptional talent by providing opportunities for the Millennial generation to shine,” she added.

If the pilot scheme is successful, Deloitte will include this approach for the recruitment of all 1,500 graduates and school leavers it takes on annually.

Helen Gould

Helen is a News Writer for LSBF who writes about education, careers, sustainable business, and women in business.

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