January 08 ,2015 | by Thiago Kiwi

CES: Wearable technology set to take 2015 by storm

 The International Consumer Electronics Show 2015

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) held a dazzling array of wearable tech which is set to be the trend of 2015.

It seems wearable technology is set to be the big trend of 2015, as companies displayed a vast variety of every imaginable wearable gadget to command the centre-stage at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)this year.


While the CES is not always the most reliable guide, it does reveal what industry leaders believe the next desirable gadget is for consumers. Indeed, this coming year we can expect wearables designed for everything, from calorie counters to meditation aids, and for them to start coming in forms other than watches and glasses.

For example, one of the most notable items breaking the mould is the ‘Ring’, a bluetooth enabled gadget disguised as an attractive ring designed to control devices in your home with simple wand-like gestures.

Another revolutionary item is a smart dummy, or pacifier if you hail from across the pond, named the Pacif-i, which will measure your baby’s temperature and share it with you via a smartphone app.


Others look to upgrade existing wearable gadgets, such as the Siemens hearing aid that allows the user to hear in demanding environments which existing tech would have struggled with, or tiny in-ear wireless headphones with memory for music that also measures your heart rate.

The scope for wearable technology seems endless and industry designers are looking to fill every niche possible and fulfill every consumer’s desire.

In fact, a report from research giant Gartner believes the smart garment product has the greatest potential for growth, taking some of the market share from fitness related wearable gadgets, which have dominated thus far.


Furthermore, by 2017, Gartner predict that just under a third of wearable technology will be invisible to onlookers.

“Already, there are some interesting developments at the prototype stage that could pave the way for consumer wearables to blend seamlessly into their surroundings,” said Annette Zimmermann, research director at Gartner.

“Smart contact lenses are one type in development. Another interesting wearable that is emerging is smart jewellery,” continued Zimmermann.

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