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Finance professionals want clarity on Brexit, research shows

Finance professionals want clarity on Brexit

Research from finance and accounting recruitment firm Reed Accountancy & Finance has shown that businesses in the finance sector want clarity to be provided on the UK’s exit from the EU as concerns rise among their employees.

The study, which surveyed 800 finance professionals, showed that finance firms are calling for the government to focus on securing a free trade deal during Brexit negotiations, securing employment rights for employees, and keeping membership of the single market.


The study also looked at what preparations finance firms are making for Brexit and found that 55% of businesses are “slightly prepared”, while 29% do not believe that their company is prepared at all. One in three respondents said that they feel less informed over Brexit now than they did immediately after the EU referendum result.

Commenting on how Brexit is affecting businesses, Reed Finance’s Director Rob Russell said that it is one of, if not the biggest, problem for companies in recent decades.


Russell also said that finance firms want as little disturbance as possible when it comes to deals and their current way of working after the UK’s exit from the EU.

“Stability, solidity and forward planning at boardroom level in times of uncertainty are a massive lure to top talent, and companies that can demonstrate this can secure the best in the industry. For the top candidates working in finance, stability is good, but clarity of how to progress is better,” he added.

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