April 03 ,2018 | by Anisa Choudhary

Finance industry launches Action Plan to promote banking services

Action Plan to promote banking services

The finance industry has launched an Action Plan to help raise awareness of everyday banking services at thousands of Post Office branches across the UK.

The plan, which was developed in partnership with the Post Office and HM Treasury and is set to be put into action in the third quarter of 2018, will be beneficial to customers living in rural or urban areas who have limited access to bank branches.


The Action Plan comes after the Economic Secretary requested to increase public awareness of the banking services offered by the Post Office.

Whilst some banking customers already access their personal and business accounts through Post Office branches, some local communities are unaware that these vital banking services are available to them. 

The plan aims to increase awareness of these services, which are available to banking customers at more than 11,000 Post Office branches in the UK.

The plan will also focus on providing support to communities that have been affected by the closure of bank branches by promoting the day-to-day banking services that are offered by the Post Office.

In addition to helping those living in areas with limited access to banking services, the plan will also focus on providing support to vulnerable customers and will monitor the awareness and confidence in the Post Office’s counter service.


Commenting on the Action Plan, Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen said: “Britain is changing the way it banks, but as more and more people move online, it’s crucial that face-to-face everyday banking services are available. So I am pleased that the banking industry and Post Office are taking action to raise awareness of this valuable service.”

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