February 28 ,2014 | by Hari Srinivasan

#StartUpSpotlight: Zapper Looks to Simplify the World of Mobile Payments

Zapper Looks to Simplify

In this edition of our weekly StartUp Spotlight column, we speak with Bradley Duke – European MD of Zapper – a mobile app that intends to simplify the world of mobile payments …


Elevator Pitch:

Zapperis a mobile app that makes payments quick and simple and also facilitates website registration and login.’s services use unique QR codes to make payments easier harnessing the power of the smartphones we carry in our pockets.


Why it’s taking off:

The convenience of using Zapper’s mobile app resonates with people and the merchants benefit not only from offering a quick and simple payment option but also from a customised solution that helps them achieve their business objectives.

Today, Zapper is already used by people to pay their bills, to pay in restaurants, to register, log in and pay at eCommerce websites, to pay for the taxi and to donate to their favourite cause.


How did it start?

Zapper was formed in 2011 by several investors.  Some of those in the investment network were from an online payments company, DataCash, which was sold to MasterCard.

I recognised the crossover of my skills in banking and business with what Zapper could do. From there, we built a strong team focusing on getting the product in to the market through rigorous testing.

Today, the management team and board of directors is made up of key professionals who have made careers out of building quality businesses to the mobile, online, security and payment industries.


And the financing?

Zapper is funded by a group of private investors who see the opportunity it has to become a global mobile utility and payment solution.


What next?

With mobile payments increasing globally, the idea of a cashless society is truer today than ever. The incredible rise in mobile payments indicates consumers and businesses are not only ready for developments in mobile payments but are also looking for convenient alternatives. People are looking for alternatives that could make the entire process faster and simpler for them.

Looking forward, I think we will begin to see mobile payments become a larger part of everyday life around the globe and Zapper will be there, with a better way to pay that’s simple and secure.



StartUp Spotlight is a weekly column where LSBF speaks with the leaders of young start-ups and businesses with a view to inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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