May 26 ,2016 | by Thiago Kiwi

Royal Mail launches online mailshot tool to help small businesses

Online mailshot tool

Royal Mail has launched a mailshot tool for small businesses. The company has created the online tool to enable businesses to easily connect with their customers.

Businesses will be able to create their own mailshots from 49p, which they will be able to have delivered to customers within three working days. The mailshots can be sent to any location in the UK.


The tool has been created to provide businesses with a fast and affordable service that enables them to develop. Businesses will be able to manage their marketing in-house using the service and easily connect with new and existing customers.

Businesses can choose from an A5 postcard, an A4 letter or a sealed mailer, each of which offer a variety of different themes and professional templates. The service also includes a free library containing over 100 images and graphics, and an editing tool so that businesses can easily change the look and content of the mailshots.

The tool also enables businesses to easily target new customers using Royal Mail’s data, which consists of over 20 million different households, and create their own customer lists. Companies can also search for potential customers in specific locations using a search tool.


Discussing the tool, Royal Mail MarketReach Managing Director, Jonathan Harman, said: “MailshotMaker is made for business people, be they the company owner or a marketing executive, who want a simple, fast and affordable solution to drive a positive response among consumers.”

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