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Entrepreneurs and startups flourishing in Aberdeen

Entrepreneurs and startups flourishing

Elevator, a business support organisation that works with businesses across Scotland, has said that Aberdeen city and shire are witnessing an increase in startups, and this reflects the robust economy and flourishing entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

The organisation works with startup companies and promotes the growth of existing and new businesses in Scotland. It claimed that the number of startups launched in the north-east during the past year was the highest ever, with 555 new startups opening in Aberdeen and 721 in Aberdeenshire.

Shift in location

Elevator Chief Executive, Gary McEwan, said: “The results we are seeing today are fantastic for our region and are a return on the five years’ worth of pipeline building we have been doing with schools, colleges and universities in the area.”

The results show that entrepreneurs are shifting from the central region of Scotland to the north, and Dundee and Aberdeen together will account for around 25 per cent of Scotland’s Business Gateway programme’s startup figures.

McEwan added that Elevator has opened a centre for entrepreneurship in Aberdeen Energy Park, which was inspiring new entrepreneurs and helping existing entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and tools to grow their business.

Thriving business

Aberdeen City Council Leader, Jenny Laing, said: “Aberdeen is consistently producing high numbers of entrepreneurs which is testament to our Business Gateway programme and how that is being delivered by the Elevator team.”

She went on to say that the number of startups is a testament to the strong economy of the city, which, in turn, is helping to create a conducive environment where startups and new businesses can evolve and thrive.

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