December 29 ,2015 | by Hari Srinivasan

Calls for “new entrepreneurial mindset” in Scotland

New entrepreneurial mindset

Sandy Kennedy, chief executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland, has called for Scotland to be made the most entrepreneurial society in the world. Kennedy expressed his wishes for a “new entrepreneurial mindset” in a contribution to an upcoming publication from Reform Scotland.

Kennedy said that “some of the UK’s best entrepreneurial leaders are operating successful multi-national businesses in and from Scotland.”

Working hard

Kennedy added that whilst Scotland has a “strong reputation for the quality of its education”, the country still has “some way to go to close the gap in Total Early Stage Entrepreneurial Activity [TEA rate] with other parts of the world.”

The TEA rate assesses the number of individuals aged between 16-84 in an economy who are starting up or have already started up their own business. Kennedy stated that whilst Scotland’s TEA rate compares favourably with other countries - such as Ireland and Sweden - and is ahead of France, Spain, Italy and Denmark, more needs to be done to match the likes of Australia, Singapore, Qatar and Canada.

He said: “We believe Scotland can do it. At Entrepreneurial Scotland we’re working hard to join the dots - connecting and collaborating with people who are already entrepreneurial, and can work with us to get more people thinking and talking about entrepreneurialism.”


Kennedy also commented on Scotland’s entrepreneurs, stating that the country has examples of “brilliant people” with an “entrepreneurial mindset” who are helping the country by reducing crime, transforming health services, and making communities safer.

“They are all equally ambitious to play their role in positioning the country as an innovative and entrepreneurially successful nation,” he said.

Hari Srinivasan

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