March 25 ,2015 | by Thiago Kiwi

New business accelerators planned for UK regions

New business accelerators

The launch of three new business accelerators is planned in Bristol, Leeds and Brighton.

Three new business accelerators will open in Bristol, Leeds and Brighton, offering free services to 80 entrepreneurs in each city. The programme comes from Entrepreneurial Spark in conjunction with NatWest, and builds upon the success of their first accelerator in Birmingham earlier this year.


Applications from entrepreneurs looking to join the “hatcheries” are now being accepted for an August start, where budding businesses will gain access to amenities such as superfast broadband, office space and telephones, not to mention support from experts in the industry.

These new accelerators will open up support for start-ups in regions of the UK which often lack the nurturing that new businesses in London receive.


“We will continue our national expansion to allow new businesses the length and breadth of Britain to benefit from the unique benefits Entrepreneurial Spark offers,” said Jim Duffy, chief executive officer of Entrepreneurial Spark.

“We focus on the person, not just the business, and ensure their behaviours are complementary to achieving success, and we do this all for free,” he added.

Entrepreneurial Spark has already helped more than 350 businesses in Scotland create over 1,000 jobs and produce £41 million of turnover to date. Now the initiative is looking to bring its tried and tested accelerator programme to the UK.


After securing financial support from NatWest and RBS, Entrepreneurial Spark wants to launch a further four hubs in addition to the existing seven. The aim is to develop a “golden age” for new businesses and entrepreneurs through support programmes for innovative and creative start-ups in all sectors.

“Our commitment to start-up businesses is highlighted in our multi-million pound investment and continued support of Entrepreneurial Spark,” said Gordon Merrylees, head of entrepreneurship at NatWest.

“Jim and his team are inspirational and the highly successful work they carry out in Scotland will be replicated across the UK.”

To apply or register your interest, click here.

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