February 02 ,2016 | by Thiago Kiwi

Budding entrepreneurs need hands-on experience, say Pro UK Consultants

Budding entrepreneurs need hands-on experience

Budding entrepreneurs need first-hand experience, according to marketing firm Pro UK Consultants. Whilst online entrepreneurship programs have grown in popularity and are a hit with employers, Pro UK Consultants voiced concerns that they may not add value to those looking to become an entrepreneur.

The Birmingham-based company, which focuses on providing support for young entrepreneurs, stated that the only way in which budding entrepreneurs can fully understand the challenges of running a business is to experience it first-hand rather than studying an entrepreneurship course online.


According to Pro UK Consultants, getting hands-on experience will enable entrepreneurs to improve their communication skills and be more comfortable in a business environment. It will also give them the opportunity to take risks and “think on their feet.”

Whilst the company can see some benefits of online learning, such as one-to-one interaction, they are unsure as to how online programs would be able to recreate the challenges and situations that entrepreneurs need to be prepared for.


Pro UK Consultants recently discussed how an entrepreneurial mindset “plays a pivotal role” in becoming successful.

This mindset will enable entrepreneurs to achieve their goals “as the elements of the mindset include recognition of opportunity, comfort with risk, creativity and innovation, initiative, critical thinking and problem solving.”

The company added that an entrepreneurial mindset is “taught, learned and practiced by finding ways to link these elements to concrete actions” and that they are “confident” that this will enable entrepreneurs to become successful.

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