February 18 ,2015 | by Thiago Kiwi

Accelerator Seedcamp week in London sees investments in 11 startups

Accelerator Seedcamp week in London

Seedcamp has invested in 11 startups following the accelerator’s event, Seedcamp Week, in London.

Europe’s largest pre-seed and seed stage accelerator, Seedcamp, has decided to invest in 11 startups from entrepreneurs that attended the Seedcamp Week event in London. Seven out of the 11 startups hail from the UK and six of the even are based in the UK’s capital.


Seedcamp Week London was the first such quarterly event from the accelerator in 2015, where startups from across Europe gathered to pitch for funds from investors and mentors. The group of over 30 investors that form the pan-European accelerator decided to back companies from a variety of industries, such as currency exchange tools and networking platforms.

“The aim is to take the company to the next level and find product market fit as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Seedcamp’s website.

“Seedcamp is there to support this process through our three pillars of network, learning, and capital.”


The startups from the UK are:

Car Quids (London) - Dealers in targeted outdoor advertising.

Clowdy (Manchester) - Platform for creatives to start their career and network.

Data Smoothie (London) - Software platform for sharing and analysing scientific data.

HOKO (London) - Linking platform for mobile apps.

JOBDOH (Hong Kong) - Location platform to find temp workers for hospitality and exhibitions.

MagicTab (London) - Tabletop smart-menu firm.

Opinion (Sweden) - First ever mobile podcasting studio.

Queueco (London) - Digital currencies tool for algorithmic market makers.

Revolut (London) - Currency exchange tool.


All of the startups selected will receive pre-seed investment to fund the growth stage of the various businesses.

Seedcamp also announced it will make a seed investment in MarcoPolo, a US based startup, and revealed that it has been working with the German tech platform, Gamewheel, in stealth for the past few months.

The accelerator has now invested in over 150 startups from around the world in the years since Seedcamp was set up in 2007.

Thiago Kiwi

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