December 11 ,2014 | by Thiago Kiwi

UK green start-ups look east to boost Chinese trade

UK green start-ups

A group of start-ups involved in the low carbon energy sector aim to boost Chinese trade with visit.

A delegation from companies in the low carbon energy sector and identified by UK Trade & Investment West Midlands will soon visit China in a bid to increase trade links with the country.

The group will be comprised of the heads of five companies from Innovation Birmingham’s Low Carbon Accelerator programme and two more firms. The start-ups selected are:

Cambond: a bio-glue manufacturer.

Civico Online Exchange Tracker: a waste prevention solution company.

Greengineering Ltd: specialists in resource and built environment efficiency.

GreenHill: consultants in sustainability

JJ Bioenergy and Unicorn Power Ltd: clean energy and environmental mitigation providers.

A series of business matching sessions over the six-day trip have been organised by the Tiajin SME Association, and will be attended by potential Chinese partners.

The aim is to demonstrate that it is possible for cities to develop effective low carbon systems, particularly in energy, buildings and mobility. Other avenues to explore will include programmes to maximise the impact of low carbon activity.

Just this year, the Low Carbon Accelerator Programme has supported 30 start-ups in their local climate change initiatives and now they look to bring their skills to the Far East.

Katharine Fuller, Innovation Birmingham’s senior project manager for EU Projects, said: “It is very rewarding that the West Midlands region has been recognised as being a hotbed for low carbon innovation.”

“There is a significant level of trade that already takes place between the West Midlands and China, and the contacts made during this trade visit may lead to new export and import deals being struck,” she added.

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