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Women in Finance Awards celebrates women in financial services sector

Women in financial services sector

The Women in Finance Awards 2018 has celebrated the achievements of women working across a wide range of sectors in financial services.

More than 220 finalists were recognised at the European finance industry’s biggest diversity event, which took place in London earlier this week.


Women working in sectors such as banking, venture capital and accountancy were recognised, with the awards identifying role models in mid to senior roles in the finance industry.

The awards, which were launched by business resource website and investment magazine What Investment, were backed by HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, the London Stock Exchange and London Women’s Forum.

The Women in Finance Charter was a key topic at the event, with keynote speaker Economic Secretary to HM Treasury John Glen MP highlighting the importance of firms signing up to the Charter. He also spoke about how important the financial services sector is to the UK economy.

The importance of celebrating the achievements of women is also being recognised in other sectors, with the Future Stars of Tech Awards being held just a week prior to the Women in Finance Awards.


Commenting on more industries focusing on gender diversity, Vitesse Media Managing Director for Events and Marketing Niki Dowdall said: “The focus on women’s rights, achievements and representation is growing across all industries, including financial services, which makes this event especially poignant. Practically, this means creating awareness around the gender pay gap and the way women are treated in the workplace.”

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