October 17 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Springboard Consultancy launches personal and career development programme

Springboard Consultancy launches personal and career development

Training provider Springboard Consultancy has launched a personal and work development programme to help individuals gain skills and rapidly develop their career.

The Boost programme was piloted in early 2017. There is high demand from employers who want to help their staff boost their skills, develop their career and quickly become more valuable to the company.  


Springboard Consultancy is now rolling out its Boost programme throughout the UK after the pilot received a positive response from participants and employers.

The course will help individuals gain a wide range of skills that are needed to help them at the early stage of their career, including communication skills. Participants will also be able to develop their personal skills, with the course providing self-confidence boosts, helping individuals become more career-savvy and assertive and helping them achieve their potential.

The programme will consist of four full-day group workshops, which will include mentoring, learning and development, job shadowing, information, and resources.

Participants of the programme will also have the chance to listen to inspirational speakers and role models.


Commenting on the programme, Springboard Consultancy Managing Director Karen Daly-Gherabi said: “We are excited to be expanding our portfolio, especially at this time as we have now trained a quarter of a million people worldwide on Springboard courses.

“Boost enables people to have a clear understanding as to what they want to achieve through their career just as they are starting it.”


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