June 23 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Research reveals top starting salaries for graduates

Jobs review website Glassdoor, has revealed the top ten jobs for starting salaries.

The list highlighted the careers offering a starting salary higher than the UK’s national average of £27,600.

Crunching numbers

According to research, graduates who work with numbers have the potential to earn the highest starting salary, with graduate analysts and consultants paid £34,366 and £28,891 respectively.

The tech industry was also found to be one of the best sectors, with new software engineers offered a starting salary of £28,370.

Graduate mechanical engineers came fourth on the list, receiving £26,949 upon starting. This was followed by engineers and software developers, with starting payments of £26,500 and £26,000 respectively.

Civil engineering was found to be the seventh highest-paying role, starting at £25,000, followed by structural engineers at £24,993.


Joining a management trainee programme could be beneficial, with a graduate trainee role offering a starting salary of £20,000.

The recruitment industry was also found to be an ideal job choice. Starting recruitment consultants were revealed to be the tenth highest-paid, offered a salary of £20,000. 



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