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Recruitment in professional sector rises, says report

Recruitment in professional sector rises

Hiring intentions remain high in professional services, reports CBI.

According to the latest data from the Confederation for British Industry (CBI), employment in the business and professional sector rose at its quickest rate in seven years during the three months to November.

In total, 49 per cent of firms in these fields said they had expanded their headcounts, compared to just 7 per cent downsizing: leaving a record high balance of 42 per cent.

Increased hiring activity is likely to be related to a stronger demand for key services.

A balance of 22 per cent showed that business volumes were higher than they had been three months ago, showing that many firms are growing and need the talent to meet those needs.

Rain Newton-Smith, the Director for Economics at CBI, said that it was great to see continued growth, especially since spending in IT was performing strongly. On the other hand, the UK’s long-acknowledged growing skills gaps are also beginning to take their toll as firms seek fresh talent.

Businesses increase pay offers for the right candidates.

As professional skills are in considerable demand, Ms Newton-Smith went on to explain: “Skills shortages are starting to bite, putting more of a break on investment and future growth in consumer services. Therefore, the spending rise in training in the sector is particularly encouraging.”

Recent data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies also showed that firms are seeking professional skills, whilst Hays has shown how that is translating into rising salaries.

For candidates who can meet those needs, there’s plenty of scope to negotiate a great package.

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