August 11 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Research reveals places where UK workers want to work

Research reveals places where UK workers

UK workers have revealed the places they would most like to work in, found new research from global cloud-based platform Fuze.

The research found that 85 per cent of UK workers believe they do not need to be in an office to be productive, with many wishing to work from locations such as parks, cafés or home.


The survey of 1,000 UK office workers revealed the locations they believe are the most appealing when it comes to working outside the office, with over a quarter saying that the pub would be their ideal place of work and 36 per cent wishing to work from their bed.

UK workers were found to favour the outdoors when it comes to being productive, with 32 per cent wanting to work from their local café, 28 per cent wanting to work from a local park, and nearly a third wishing to work from a beach.

As Londoners face difficulties getting to work this month, 69 per cent believe that they would be able to work just as effectively from home, if they had access to the right technology. However, 47 per cent said the company they work for doesn’t provide the technology to enable them to work from home.


Commenting on the survey, Fuze VP EMEA Kris Wood said: “As our research shows, employees are confident in their ability to work productively and effectively from any location – more so than ever during this month of disruption. If businesses have the right technology in place, and a company culture that supports remote working, travel disruption would pose no issues; it would simply be business as usual.”



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