August 14 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Millennials want quick career progression, research shows

Millennials want quick career progression

Research from management consulting company ManpowerGroup, has revealed what millennials look for in a career, with variety and quick progression being among their expectations.

The report surveyed 19,000 millennials to see how their work expectations differ from the rest of the workforce, what motivates them when it comes to career opportunities, and why they choose to remain with the same employers.


According to the report, millennials will make up a third of the global workforce by 2020. Millennials were found to be feeling positive about their career, with over 60 per cent believing that if they lost their job, they would be able to find one that was equally good or better in three months.

Millennials also revealed what they believe is needed to progress to the next stage in their career, with skills and qualifications being the top requirement, cited by 46 per cent. This was followed by performing in their current job (45 per cent), gaining more experience through new job roles or projects (35 per cent), having good connections (28 per cent), having opportunities (23 per cent), and having a thriving relationship with managers and mentors (17 per cent).


The research showed what millennials most value in the workplace. Ninety-two per cent cited money and remuneration, while 87 per cent said they consider security and stability, 86 per cent weigh up holidays and time off, 80 per cent would most like to work with good people, and 79 per cent would like the opportunity to work flexibly.

Millennials also like to have plenty of training opportunities. Over 93 per cent value lifelong learning, while 80 per cent believe learning a new skill is a top factor when choosing a new job, and over 20 per cent would take some time off work to gain new skills or qualifications. 




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