December 12 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Mentoring programmes valued by 94% of women

Programmes valued by 94% of women

A recent study carried out by recruitment company Robert Walters highlighted the importance of career development among women.  They found that 94 per cent of females believe mentoring programmes are valuable to helping them develop their career.

The research showed a lack of development programmes in the workplace, with 45 per cent of businesses surveyed offering no development schemes and 18 per cent of employers not offering any career development opportunities at all.


The study showed that respondents were aware of their value, with 75 per cent believing such schemes are important for attracting staff.

A lack of support for development schemes was also shown in the survey, with just 44 per cent of hiring managers believing they would receive support from senior managers if they put forward the idea of implementing a mentoring programme, despite demand being high.


Commenting on the study, Robert Walters CEO for the UK, Middle East and Africa Chris Hickey stated that when looking to attract and retain high-quality professionals, employers need to fully appreciate the importance that candidates put on career development and mentoring in particular.

He added: “Businesses which develop and implement sophisticated mentoring programmes can gain a clear advantage over rivals when recruiting and attracting high-quality candidates who are looking for long-term career progression.”

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