August 03 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

London workers believe a four-day working week would boost productivity

London workers believe a four-day working

Over 60 per cent of workers in London believe a four-day working week would help improve productivity, a new report from office products company Fellowes has shown.

The Fellowes Productivity in the UK report also found that 48 per cent of Londoners are unproductive at work for over one hour a day, while 18 per cent are at their most productive on a Monday.


When it comes to interruptions at work, the report found the average worker in the West Midlands gets distracted 18 times a day, while workers in London are distracted 15 times a day.

Remote working could help solve, with 45 per cent of Londoners saying working remotely or from home would help make them more productive. Over 20 per cent said they work while commuting.

The research, which is part of Fellowes’ Working Well campaign, revealed the top distractions at work, with chatting with colleagues topping the list at 73 per cent. Tea breaks, browsing the internet and IT problems were also found to cause the most distractions, cited by 57 per cent, 54 per cent and 43 per cent respectively.


Think Productive Productivity Expert Grace Marshall commented: “Time away from our workplace is vital for our productivity. We’ve found that a four-day work week increases momentum and motivation in the office, as well as giving employees more time to enjoy life outside of work.”


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