August 29 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Study reveals London’s best paying finance jobs

Study reveals London’s best paying

A study from the salary comparison website has revealed London’s highest paying jobs in finance.

The research analysed 4,000 salaries of senior professionals to identify the jobs which offer the best pay, with the banking industry being found to be the highest paying.


M&A was revealed to be the best paying job in banking, with a salary of £168,000, and a bonus of £140,000 being offered, bringing the total earnings of professionals working in this role to £308,000.

Trading came 2nd on the list, with a salary of £175,000 and a bonus of £120,000, followed by institutional sales (total earnings £288,000), structuring (£269,000), and origination and syndication (£265,000).

The most profitable role in finance, outside the banking industry, was revealed to be VC investor, with total earnings of £242,000 per year, followed by buy-side trader (£240,000).

The research also found finance professionals working for asset management firms and rating agencies are earning a much lower salary than M&A bankers.

Middle and bank office roles were found to be the worst paying jobs in both the banking and asset management industries, with total earnings standing at £128,000 and £112,000 respectively.


Alice Leguay, Co-Founder and CMO of said: “While base salaries have increased in the last few years, regulation has squeezed banking bonuses.

“Meanwhile, buy-side firms, especially those not subject to pay regulations such as hedge funds and VC firms have been looking increasingly attractive for bankers looking to retain top paying positions in the industry.”

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