April 13 ,2017 | by Thiago Kiwi

London banks are hiring more staff for specialised finance roles

London banks are hiring more staff

Investment banks in London are hiring more staff for specialised finance job roles, indicating that they are no longer concerned over Brexit, according to employment agency Robert Walters.

The agency revealed that banks in the city are looking for staff to fill permanent roles in areas such as finance control, risk and compliance and change management.


According to Robert Walters, there has been a notable upturn in recruitment in financial services, with businesses also hiring in the areas of risk management and investment management.  

In addition to full-time staff, banks are looking to take on temporary staff to fill cyber security positions.

Whilst some global banks are preparing to move operations, Robert Walters and its rival recruitment agencies PageGroup and Hays have reported that there has been a slowdown in banks discussing plans to move jobs out of London as a result of Brexit.

Language barriers, challenging labour laws and a shortage of housing were revealed to be the main barriers for businesses choosing to move their operations.


Commenting on London’s banks choosing to increase their hiring, Chief Executive Officer Robert Walters stated: “Perhaps the more senior specialised areas seem to be reviving.”

He also commented on the competitiveness of the industry, adding that one bank hires in a certain specialised area and then they all do.

He suspects that banks, like everyone else, have become a bit bored of Brexit and that it is business as usual.




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