January 04 ,2018 | by Anisa Choudhary

Junior employees most likely to search for new work

Research from employee engagement company Qualtrics has found workers in junior positions are most likely to search for a new job at the start of the New Year.

The Qualtrics Employee Pulse report, which is released quarterly and surveys more than 4,000 workers, found workers under 35 are among those most likely to leave their job in January.


Women were also found to be the most likely to want to change their job at the start of the year, along with those who think about work outside of their contracted hours.

The research also revealed the sectors that are the most at risk of losing employees at the start of the year, with those working in the technology and travel and leisure being the most likely to search for a new job.

Workers in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors were found to be least likely to leave their job in January.

Qualtrics used its Experience Management Platform to identify the main drivers of employee loyalty and job satisfaction with supporting a work-life balance being the top way in which businesses can encourage employees to stay in their job role.

This was followed by giving workers the opportunity to try new tasks and skills and proactively helping workers to solve workplace problems or concerns.


Qualtrics Employee Experience Specialist Sarah Marrs commented: “The January job exodus marks the culmination of employee dissatisfaction and disengagement that culminates over the previous year. Employees have had time out to assess their careers and re-think the type of work they would like to be doing.”

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