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HSBC reveals new banking careers of the future

New banking careers of the future

HSBC has revealed which banking jobs will be necessary for building a career in a digital-enabled financial services industry in the future.

The bank highlighted the importance of upskilling staff as demand for individuals with an evolved set of skills looks set to rise among banks.


HSBC explored the changes taking place in the workforce in a report, with Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright helping the bank to analyse the challenges and opportunities that the banking industry faces in order to identify the necessary job roles in the sector for the future.

Mixed Reality Experience Designer was revealed to be one of the six jobs that will be needed, with individuals requiring skills such as aesthetic design and branding.

Algorithm Mechanics will also be in demand in the future to help boost banking customer experience, with candidates needing skills such as financial literacy and risk management for this role.

With chatbots already being used by some banks, the report predicts that Conversational Interface Designers will be necessary for the sector, with creative and anthropological skills being among the top requirements for those taking on this role in the future.

Other roles include Universal Service Advisor, Digital Process Engineer and Partnership Gateway Enabler, with all three requiring transferable skills such as communication and creativity.


Commenting on the importance of skills development, HSBC’s Global Head of Digital, Retail Banking & Wealth Management Josh Bottomley said: “Employers have a huge role to play in helping people to continue their personal development, including working with existing staff to upskill them.”

HSBC is already acting to boost staff development, with the bank’s frontline employees in seven core markets attending “Digital Thursdays”, an upskilling scheme that takes place on a weekly basis.

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