June 05 ,2018 | by LSBF Blog Staff

Hopes rise for increase in skilled visas cap

 Rise for increase in skilled visas

The UK government is paying close attention to the impact of a cap on skilled visas that resulted in over 1,000 doctors being refused entry to the UK between December 2017 and March this year, it has been revealed by Downing Street.

On Sunday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid increased hopes of the cap being lifted by noting that he was giving a fresh look to the policy, putting pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to have the restrictions loosened.

The official spokesman for the Prime Minister revealed on Monday that No.10 sees the UK economy being able to have access to all of the workers that it requires as a high priority, and that the government recognises that international professionals make a valuable contribution to the UK.

Last week, the BMJ reported on the refusal of entry to 1,000 doctors between December and March as a consequence of the tier 2 visa caps on workers who come from outside the European Economic Area.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman added that while visa routes are routinely kept under review, it is vital that the UK’s immigration system works in a way that is best for the national interest and ensures that employers recruit from overseas only after first looking to the labour market in the UK.

However, the shortage of doctors in the country is a situation that the government is aware of, and the situation is being closely monitored, according to the spokesman.

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