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Government wants businesses to help run schools

Businesses to help run schools

Education Secretary Damian Hinds is to issue a “call to arms” to school governors and trustees while urging skilled professionals and leading businesses to support education and schools in the UK. Hinds’ keynote speech to the National Governance Association saw him call on leading employers to do their bit to help “the next generation to thrive”.

Businesses are going to be asked to provide their expertise in filling the roles of governors and trustees all around the nation, with 10% of such school posts currently being unoccupied.

Hinds said that he wants to do everything possible to boost the recruitment and retention of governors and that “more great people” are needed. He believes that businesses can make a big contribution to society and that occupying such important volunteer roles need not be limited to schools.

The current budget for volunteers is to be doubled to £6bn by the Education Secretary by 2021 in order to make training courses more accessible. Governors and trustees play crucial roles in managing budgets, overseeing the running of schools, and holding headmasters accountable for the school’s performance as well as developing strategies.

The Institute of Directors’ Director General Stephen Martin said that good governance applies to schools just as much as it does business. He said that the skills held by corporate directors are often directly transferable to education, pointing out that many members of the Institute of Directors already involve themselves with the school system while acknowledging that many more company directors could use their experience and expertise to benefit their local communities.

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