July 14 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Survey reveals expectations of UK professionals working remotely

Survey reveals expectations of UK

Research from global workspace provider Regus has revealed the expectations of professionals in the UK who are working remotely.

The survey explored the attitudes of over 1,500 professionals on flexible working and management, and found the majority of respondents believe remote workers should have regular contact with managers.


Instant messaging and telephone were found to be the most important methods of contact for UK professionals, with 74 per cent believing that remote workers should have regular contact with their manager this way.

Over 80 per cent of respondents believe managers should have contact with remote workers via telephone several times a week, while over 55 per cent believe video calling should be implemented once a week.

UK professionals also believe remote workers should still have face-to-face contact with their managers, with 84 per cent saying monthly meetings should be attended.

The research also explored attitudes on measuring productivity and found that over 50 per cent of respondents believe it is necessary to use IT systems to track and measure work levels.


Commenting on the research, Regus UK Chief Executive Officer Richard Morris said the survey provides a clear indication of the present expectations of professionals in the UK, but this isn’t a “once and done” exercise.

He said that frequent assessment of techniques and tools is vital to take advantage of developing technologies and to make sure staff continue to feel engaged and supported.

He added that striking the correct balance will provide immediate benefits to both parties and to business bottom-lines.


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