November 09 ,2017 | by Anisa Choudhary

Accenture launches programme to help professionals return to work

Accenture launches programme to help professionals

Professional services company Accenture has launched a programme to help professionals who have taken a career break to return to work.

The Break|Through programme will offer professionals the opportunity to boost their skills and secure a job role with Accenture.


Applications for the Break|Through programme are now open, with Accenture searching for professionals that have taken a career break lasting more than two years.

The company is also looking to recruit candidates that are passionate about technology, as well as those who have project management skills, a strong learning aptitude, and commercial acumen.

Participants of the programme will complete a paid work placement with Accenture Technology, which will last for ten weeks. Successful applicants will complete five weeks of training to refresh their skills and gain experience of working with the latest technology. The remaining five weeks will be spent working with one of Accenture’s Technology teams.

Accenture will be offering support and guidance to each participant of the programme by providing them an experienced mentor.

Professionals who perform well in the programme will have the opportunity to work for Accenture on a permanent basis. 


Accenture Technology Managing Director for the UK and Ireland Zahra Bahrololoumi commented: “We’re committed to helping people succeed in both their work and personal lives, and we understand that many professionals will choose to take a career break to focus on their personal commitments.”

She added: “Bringing together people with diverse life experiences and perspectives makes us more innovative, and our Break|Through programme will enable us to tap into a new pool of talented professionals beyond our traditional recruitment channels.”

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