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CIMA and ICAN to build Nigerian Accountants Research Centre

Nigerian Accountants Research Centre

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) has decided to enter into an agreement with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) in regards to the establishment of a new academic research centre for accountants that would be able to contribute to the various economies on the continent and deliver high-quality work.

ICAN’s President Ismail Zakari stated on Monday at the Memorandum of Understanding signing in Abuja that the two bodies have already been in discussion regarding areas in which they can cooperate, including reciprocal collaboration that would allow members of CIMA to become members of ICAN and vice versa.

Zakari also added that the Memorandum of Understanding agreement is the outcome of those discussions and that it will be a big help to the promotion of public accounting as a practice in addition to providing general help to Nigeria and Africa in terms of building stronger economies.

Zakari stated that the agreement will have a duration of five years and that the new agreement spells out the arrangement and terms. He also revealed that the new partners will be looking into establishing a centre for excellence in research within Nigeria to examine emerging areas that can help contribute to public finance and accounting, which is the area of specialisation for CIMA.

CIMA’s Regional Vice President in Africa Badibanga Badi Pormesse said that the two firms care about Nigeria, the African economies and the accountancy profession, making the partnership a winning formula that will continue CIMA’s attempts to reskill African finance professionals.

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