March 11 ,2016 | by Hari Srinivasan

Research reveals the highest-paid jobs in Scottish finance sector

Highest-paid jobs in Scottish finance sector

A study carried out by Edinburgh-based recruitment company Core-Asset Consulting has revealed the highest-paid jobs in the finance sector in Scotland. The study showed a surge in the number of people employed in the finance sector in the country, with recruiters predicting further growth in 2016.

Marketing-related roles and asset managers were found to have experienced the biggest surge. Core-Asset Consulting also reported a “recognisable shift in companies being prepared and willing to pay above the market rate, especially for difficult-to-fill roles.”


The company, which specialises in the finance sector, also found that salary expectations, particularly amongst finance directors, are increasing.

Core-Asset Consulting Divisional Director for Accounting and Finance John Docherty commented on these findings, stating that last year, it became “unrealistic” for companies to expect a high level of skills and expertise for less than £100,000.

“The days are gone when an employer could attract a candidate for as little as £75,000. Instead, finance directors will consider a move to London – whether permanently or commuting – than take a role in Scotland at such a rate,” he said.

Asset managers were found to have the highest-paid salary, of up to £170,000, followed by audits and managing directors of asset servicing, with a salary of up to £150,000. Client assets specialists, heads of platform operations, heads of legal and marketing directors also made the list.


Core-Asset Consulting Managing Director Betsy Williamson said that 2015 had been an “encouraging” year for Scotland’s finance sector.

She added that recruitment activity showed signs, particularly amongst asset managers and third-party administrators, that companies are starting to turn their attention towards growth and “the seeking out of new clients and in new territories.”

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