September 07 ,2017 | by Helen Gould

New leadership programme launched to help businesses engage staff

New leadership programme launched

A leadership development and coaching company is offering a new leadership programme for companies who want to increase staff engagement.

Full Potential Group (FPG) is launching the Charisma Connection programme to help business leaders develop charisma.


Research from Nikki Owen, who developed FPG’s programme, showed a connection between charisma and employee engagement. Her study of 150 business leaders found that charismatic leadership can help to increase staff engagement by 19 per cent.

This new programme will offer business leaders the tools and processes they need to focus on authentic leadership, develop their charismatic potential, and boost staff engagement.


Nikki Owen said: “Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. When you’re true to who you are at your core you shine in your own unique way.”

She added that when a leader is at their most charismatic, they are able to engage others because they are at their most compelling.

Helen Gould

Helen is a News Writer for LSBF who writes about education, careers, sustainable business, and women in business.

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