March 06 ,2018 | by Anisa Choudhary

London a world leader for attracting financial services talent

Financial services talent

A report from the City of London Corporation has shown London is a world leader for attracting international talent in financial services.

The report, entitled The City as a Place for People, showed 89% of global institutional investors believe London is the best European city when it comes to financial services talent.


The report looked at how London competes with other European cities and found 58% of institutional investors believe the city is the best location for businesses. London was shown to be nearly three times more popular than Dublin, which was cited as the best city for businesses by 22% of respondents.

Separate research which surveyed more than 2,500 corporate decision-makers, also highlighted London’s popularity when it comes to international talent, with the city being voted the best out of 20 other European cities.

One-fifth of respondents said London has the best pool of talent, compared to 13% for Paris and 18% for Frankfurt. The study also asked respondents which European city is the best location for business. London took the top spot at 21%, followed by Paris with 13% and Frankfurt at 7%.


City of London Corporation Policy Chairman Catherine McGuinness commented: “As one of the most sophisticated financial clusters in the world, London’s creative energy continues to shine. With businesses basing their location decisions on the quality of what they are able to offer their employees, place is increasingly becoming an asset.”

She also added that many companies are carefully considering factors such as local amenities, nearby facilities and building design when they contemplate where to expand, and London offers a wealth of choice.

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