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London City Airport expansion scheme will boost economy, say ministers

London City Airport expansion scheme will boost economy, say ministers

A £344 million scheme to expand London City Airport has been approved by ministers, who say that the growth plans will help to boost the economy.

The plans, which include an extended terminal, aircraft taxiway and upgraded public transport links, were given the go ahead by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid.


The scheme is expected to provide more job opportunities, with an estimated 1,600 jobs for staff and 500 construction jobs being created.

The Government also said that the expansion will help to benefit local residents who are affected by increased air traffic and will make it easier to visit and do business in the city.

Approval of the plans comes as delays on decisions for the expansion of Heathrow or Gatwick continue. A decision was expected to be made by David Cameron, but this was delayed following his resignation. New Prime Minister Theresa May will now decide whether or not the expansion will go ahead.


Discussing the benefits of London City Airport’s expansion scheme, Chancellor Philip Hammond said that the “ambitious growth plans” will boost international connections, which will strengthen the City of London’s links to locations across the world and send “a clear signal that Britain is open for business.”

He added that making it easier to do business in the city will “help drive forward our economy” and will further strengthen the city’s status as “the world’s leading financial centre.”

London City Airport Chief Executive, Declan Collier, said that the scheme will create over 2,000 jobs in east London and will help to generate an additional £750 million per year for the UK economy. 

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