September 30 ,2016 | by Helen Gould

Employees feel more productive at home, survey finds

Employees feel more productive at home

A survey from Flexjobs asked employees when they feel least and most productive.

They found that most feel more productive at home, with 50 per cent preferring to work from home rather than in the office.


When asked what the main benefit of working from home was, seven out of ten employees said “less frequent meetings.”

Three quarters of survey respondents also said that distractions were a problem in the office, particularly for those who work in an open office environment.

According to Growbiz Media CEO Rieva Lesonsky, ways to reduce distractions include setting up an office with partitions or cubicles or permitting employees to use their headphones to block office noise.


The research also showed that interruptions, especially digital interruptions such as emails and texts, can hinder productivity.

Over half of respondents also said that they feel able to get more work done at home as the setting is less uncomfortable.

Lesonsky suggested that employers provide flexible spaces for employees and also allow them to maximise comfort by choosing their own office chair.

Helen Gould

Helen is a News Writer for LSBF who writes about education, careers, sustainable business, and women in business.

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