August 30 ,2016 | by Erin O’Neill

Over 500,000 British businesses embracing drone technology

Embracing drone technology

More businesses are embracing drone technology, with over 500,000 people in Britain already using drones for commercial purposes, according to research from

The research showed that companies across a wide range of sectors are adopting drone technology, with media companies being found to be the biggest users at 63 per cent.

Other types of businesses found to be using drones included management companies and construction companies, whilst popular businesses such as Facebook and Domino’s are also planning to adopt the technology.


Despite concerns being raised by councils across England over the security of drones, many businesses are already exploring the advantages offered by the technology, which include allowing companies to get a bird’s eye view and conducting jobs above ground.

Drones have also provided advantages for delivery companies such as Royal Mail and Amazon due to their speed, whilst agricultural companies and oil and utilities companies have announced plans to use the technology to meet their practical needs.

Nearly 40 per cent of management companies have already started using drone technology, along with 34 per cent of oil and utilities firms, 18 per cent of businesses in the agricultural sector and 17 per cent of construction companies. 


Agricultural firms are using the technology to distribute fertilisers, whilst oil companies have embraced the technology as it enables them to inspect oil rigs. Category Manager Tim Morley commented: “It’s great to see businesses incorporating drones into their day-to-day practices to not only make processes simpler and more efficient but also offer new services.”

Erin O’Neill

Erin O’Neill is an LSBF News Writer who reports on small business, careers, technology and education news.

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